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Bless your house during the Easter and Christmas season

Blessings & Deliverance

By appointment only.


A practice based on Sacred Scripture indicating the desire for blessing and favor to go with a person, place or thing. The blessing is a form of dedication of these to God’s service. In liturgical language, a blessing is a ritual ceremony by which an authorized cleric in major orders sanctifies a person, place, or thing to divine service, or invokes divine favor and protection on what he blesses.

Prayer of Deliverance:

It is a prayer with a particular purpose of freeing a person or a location from extraordinary demonic activity.

  • Blessing of houses during the Easter and Christmas season.
  • Blessing of farm land, orchards and live-stock.
  • Liberation and intercessory prayers for those dealing with   spiritual attacks and challenges.
  • Liberation prayers and blessings for homes/properties dealing with paranormal (haunted) issues.